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What people say

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Dear Steve, Paolo and June  

Thank you so much for last week. Your work was just amazing and could not of asked for a better team to work with. Your professionalism and organisational is just next level. It was great to work with people with the same ethics as ourselves. Made a difficult work week much less stressful then it would normally be. 


Paolo you are an absolute superstar! Your organisational skills are truly beyond anything I have ever experienced. And also to be such a nice calm person you are almost to good to be true!! 


Steve and June thank you for all you did and just being lovely people to liaise with. 


I will endeavor to spread the fabulous word of JunEdelmuth Catering that is for sure!! 

What a great business you have. All the best for the future.

King regards, 

Kirsty Solomon

Corporate chef 

Bistro Guillaume 

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