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About Us


  • JunEdelmuth Catering caters for a very distinctive market, both private and corporate relying mainly on “Word of Mouth” and “as good as the last function” feel.

  • JunEdelmuth Catering operates from Double Bay, founded by June Edelmuth, author of three cook books, who has a wealth of experience in the food industry.

  • JunEdelmuth Catering will inject new life into the Catering market, leveraging the combination and the experience of her dedicated and loyal staff and her own love and passion for food, to give the very best that the industry can offer.

  • JunEdelmuth Catering will meet this demand with an ever-expanding innovative repertoire and unique style of catering.

Meet The Team

June & paolo.jpg


"The creator"

Our Director -   Her extensive food  knowledge, coupled with her creativity and flair, bring together a wealth of culinary delights when it comes to menu development, styling and presentation.


"The engine room"


Our Executive Chef, has been with JE Catering from its inception. His aim is always  to provide the “best food possible and make dining the envy of the best caterers in the country.”  The knowledge and experience gained  over many years, enables him to ensure that JEC’s reputation will continue to please and reward those that use us.

JunEdelmuth Catering is owned and operated by June Edelmuth together with her Executive Chef, Paolo Rossi and a small team of dedicated professionals in the industry.  

The strength of JE Catering is its team work. We have a core team of long serving, permanent and casual staff who pull together under pressure, who work hard but have lot of fun at the same time. JunEdelmuth Catering has one of the most competent and respected teams in the hospitality industry.



Joined JE Catering in 2015 - A Bachelor of Food Science & Technology – A Diploma in Management and Certificate 4 in Commercial Cookery – is part of our core team and works closely with both Paolo and June and is the backbone of our production team and control of the kitchen.



Is responsible for organizing all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the office and gives the back room support to June and her team.

Carly is our “Go To” person for all JEC Accounts, staffing & technical administration.

Steve 2_B&W.jpg


Is responsible for administration, Logistics, Staff training and event management.

THE BASIC JunEdelmuth Catering BELIEFS

Since JE Catering began, basic beliefs have become ingrained in our business philosophy. We have discovered over time if we remain faithful to these beliefs, justice collaborates with us to achieve our objectives. These are our beliefs.


  • When other people say we can't, we say we can. Only by stretching ourselves can we become the best that we can. The greater the odds against us, the more determined we are to succeed.

  • There is no limit to what ordinary people can achieve if they are fired up by extraordinary aspirations.

  • At JE Catering quality is not just a word, it's a way of life. We set new  industry standards and then continuously raise them.

  • We belong way up front in a place where our competition dare not follow. Our success has been fueled by our pioneering spirit. If we lose that, we lose everything.

  • We will never compete on price. We will always compete on value. JE Catering attracts clients who understand value and service above price.

  • However big we become, we will never be stereotyped. Each of our functions will have its own unique touch. You have to be an individual on our team.

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